Pixel 4 GCam 7.1 for Pixel 3! [Astrophotography Mode]

For those of you who want the latest “Astrophotography Mode” that allows you to take better shots of the stars at night, you can go ahead and install the GCam v7.1 for the Pixel 4 on the Pixel 3.

To activate the astrophotography mode, put your Pixel 3 on a tripod or maybe resting on a piece of wood then switch to Night Sight.  If the conditions are ideal, you will see the camera app switching to “Astrophography Mode” automatically.

The results?

They are not as good as the original Pixel 4 as the Pixel 3 does not take as many long-exposure shots(1 min vs. 4 min) but still you can get some decent results out of it.


Download Pixel 4 GCam 7.1 for Pixel 3


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