Pixel 3 Camera APK for Pocophone F1!

Google Pixel 3 Camera APK is HERE for Pocophone F1 users.  While the camera on the Pocophone F1 is very good and actually does keep up with the Google Pixel 2 camera in our camera comparisons, you can get additional performance out of your Pocophone F1 by using the latest Google Pixel 3 Camera APK file.  Now, most photos taken in daylight will not make a huge difference but in low-light, the Pocophone F1 suffers from not having OIS(Optical Image Stabilization).   In low-light, use the Google Pixel 3 camera with the HDR+ Enhanced mode and the photos come out much cleaner as the Pixel 3 camera stitches up multiple exposures and also gives you much less noise.  Make sure to enable manual HDR controls in camera settings.  Definitely, installing the Pixel 3 Camera APK brings your Pocophone F1 to a whole another level of low-light photography and no root is required, simply install the APK file and enjoy both Pocophone F1 native camera along with the Pixel 3 camera!

P.S. You can also install this on Xiaomi Mi8 and may work on other Xiaomi devices.  We found that on the Mi8, you will need to raise the saturation levels quite a bit and you may have to tweak the settings to get it working 100%.

See demo:


Download Google Pixel 3 Camera APK for Pocophone F1 – Link

Below is a quick comparison between the Pixel 3 camera on the left and Pocophone F1 camera in low-light zoomed in:

Google Pixel 3 camera is AMAZING for the Pocophone F1.

Credits – XDA

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  1. Didn’t work o my nexus 6

  2. Was Nexus 6 listed in the supported devices list? I would have to go back and look. Thanks!

  3. It didn’t decrypt for me 3.3.1 works good

  4. So I used orange fox 11r works great on the nexus 6

  5. I’m still using TWRP 3.3.0-0 as a one size fits all.

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