Pixel 3 Camera APK for OnePlus 6!

For those of you who want the power of the latest Google Pixel 3 smartphone camera, which has one of the best low-light performance, you can now install the modded Pixel 3 camera specifically modded for the OnePlus 6 smartphone and no root is required.  However, you will need to be running on the latest Android 9.0 Pie, so make sure to upgrade your OnePlus OxygenOS to latest Android 9.0 and should also work on any custom ROM or HydrogenOS ROM running Android 9.0 Pie.

UPDATE: There is a working Pixel 3 Camera for OnePlus 6/6T with Night Sight!

In our testing, the Pixel 3 camera does give you slightly more details in daylight but not a huge improvement over the native OnePlus 6 camera.  However, in low light shots, the Pixel 3 camera app gives you a TON better photos that’s much more crisp, clear, and with much less noise.  The difference is so huge that you’d think there were shot on different smartphones.  Take a look at the shots below:

As you can see, the photo on the left taken with OnePlus 6 camera has much more noise and the colors are washed out while the photo on the right taken with the Pixel 3 Camera APK installed on the same OnePlus 6 camera gives you cleaner images with realistic colors.  So the big question is, does the Pixel 3 Camera APK improve your OnePlus 6 camera in low-light?  Oh you betcha so definitely try the Pixel 3 camera app on your OnePlus 6 and do let us know how it goes for you.


Download Pixel 3 Camera APK for OnePlus 6 – Link

Credits – XDA

What is an APK File?

APK File is a file/app that can be installed on any Android smartphone or tablet. Using an APK file, you can install Android apps manually on your Android device.

You do not need a rooted Android device to install APK files. For installation instructions, please see below.

How to Install APK Files

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