Tutuapp APK! – [Pokemon Go Hack Android][No Root][Lollipop]


For those of you who want to play Pokemon Go without leaving your house (perhaps you are disabled or simply cannot go outside due to weather or crime), you will definitely want to use Pokemon Go Hack for Android.

This method is for those of you running on Android 5.0, 5.0.1, 5.0.2, or 5.1.1 Lollipop and DOES NOT REQUIRE ROOT!

UPDATE: This method NOW WORKS on v0.33.0 and v0.35.0 update!  For v0.35.0 update, you just need to keep using 0.330 modded Pokemon Go so DON’T UPDATE and keep using v0.33.0.

This Tutuapp is a Chinese app store that lets you download APK of games with modified cheats enabled.  You can go ahead and download Pokemon Go from Tutuapp after installing the APK.  Simply launch the Pokemon Go game after downloading and you should be able to change GPS location (GPS-spoofing) and a joystick will appear so you can easily play the game without leaving your house.

Make sure to set your GPS mode to “high accuracy” otherwise the hack will not work.

Now if you are running Android 6.0 or 6.0.1 Marshmallow, see Pokemon Go Hack Android using FlyGPS instead.


Download Tutuapp APK

UPDATE: Tutuapp has removed Pokemon Go but you can download the Modified Pokemon Go APK here instead.  This hack works fine you just need to download the modified Pokemon instead of downloading from TutuApp.

Note: They do also have the version for iOS and iPhones, check out their homepage for that.


Q: Google account is not logging in, authentication FAILED!
A: You have to use a Pokemon Go Trainer account, this app ONLY works with Pokemon Go Trainer account, which is free to sign up for, just Google it.


What is an APK File?

APK File is a file/app that can be installed on any Android smartphone or tablet. Using an APK file, you can install Android apps manually on your Android device.

You do not need a rooted Android device to install APK files. For installation instructions, please see below.

How to Install APK Files

You will need to make sure Unknown Sources is checked ON in Settings to install APK files. We do recommend you to use a file explorer app such as ES File Explorer, available on the Play Store for free, to install these apps.

How to Uninstall APK Files

You can also easily uninstall these apps afterwards in Settings->Apps or Settings->App Manager depending on your Android device.

367 Responses

  1. ViB says:

    I did everything this said and signed in with my Google account but after that my phone was stuck on the white screen with the spinning circle on it and the Pokemon GO logo :/

  2. Govindsg says:

    I cannot give my first nickname that others call me in the game it says server error

  3. Stive says:

    Not works for me also

  4. Stive says:

    I only have succes adding pokocoins and pokeballs using this tool hacks4gamers.com/pokemon-go-hack-tool-2-64-pokecoins-pokeballs-generator/

  5. Keaton Allen says:

    How do I download this?

  6. Vrushabh says:

    How do I download tutu app

  7. Abc says:

    Same problem create account using trainer also stuck at login screen any help?

  8. Nathan says:

    The app is crap. I got mine to load but it crashes non stop, pokestops don’t work and all Pokemon escape the balls

  9. Ankit says:

    I did every thing but it is not working i signedin with trainer club account but its not working

  10. jose says:

    Anyone knows how to fix crash?
    I can play but it crash when the pokestops and gyms load.
    Srry my bad english kkk

  11. Mike says:

    I followed the instruction carefully but when i tried installing the feng_pokemon it says app not installed. Did it 3 times and 3 times it fsiled

  12. Lucas says:

    Sólo aparece ninguna en seleccionar aplicación no me aparece fly gps y eso q soy usuario root tengo S4 androi 5.1 q puedo hacer xfa y gracias x la respuesta

  13. Clobjogs says:

    How to update? Need to update to latest version. I can’t play it now ???

  14. ab says:

    Yeah the 31.0 version need update to contine

  15. Asjdhdhsj says:

    Update pls 0.33.0

  16. Leonel says:

    No me deja entrar me pide actualización arreglenlo porfa

  17. Vinzha says:

    please update 0.33.00.. i cant playing this game again T_T

  18. Herb says:

    Pls update it to 0.33.0 ASAP

  19. yuri says:

    please update 0.33.00.. i cant playing this game again

  20. Violet chin says:

    Please update to 0.33.0 …. I can’t play

  21. yuri says:

    Please update to 0.33.0 …. I can’t play

  22. Enaj420 says:

    please update 0.33.00 when i open the app it requires me to update it. please?!

  23. john doe says:

    Please update to 0.33 T_T

  24. yuri says:

    please update 0.33.00 when i open the app it requires me to update it. please?!
    Please update to 0.33 T_T

  25. Marija says:

    Please update to 0.33.0

  26. Arya says:

    It work.. But new version is avalible .. (33.0) please update in ttuapp…

  27. Edwin says:

    This really needs a update

  28. Richmond says:

    Please update this app as soon as possible

  29. Raj says:

    It’s showing the same. 31 update only

  30. yuri says:

    Please update to 0.33.0

  31. Kristne says:

    Pls update to 0.33.0

  32. Mir says:

    Please update it

  33. yuri says:

    what the update 0.33
    comom men please!!

  34. Djen says:

    Cannot use anymore because of UPDATE to 0.33 .. Update please thank you.

  35. yuri says:

    talk to me when upgraded program

  36. Jorge says:

    Atualize por favor

  37. ayin says:

    please updrage 0.33.0

  38. putra says:

    please upgrade 0.33.0 thanks

  39. snehankit patil says:

    u have awesome skills .
    please update to 0.33.

  40. arnel says:

    Pls update in tutu

  41. Rajith says:

    Max lee plzz provide the updated link of pokemon go !

  42. snehankit says:

    how to change language in English in tutu app

  43. Sapiduut says:

    Update to 0.33.00 pleaseeeT.T
    By the way, how to teleport without soft banned??

  44. thanh says:

    update pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
    by the way, how to teleport without soft banned?

  45. ikin says:

    please updrage now!!!! 0.33.0 !!!i want play now..hurm

  46. Nynox says:

    Estamos todos iguales…. Pide actualizar… Alguien sabe que hacer

  47. K says:

    Update pls….I gonna try to play.My pikachuu is waited for me

  48. Romeo says:

    Need update now please

  49. jp says:

    Update please tutuapp 0.33.0

  50. Jason says:

    Pls update 0.33.0 thank you so much.

  51. Shooter says:

    Hey um do I have to delete the original Pokémon go?

  52. Enaj420 says:

    we’re waiting for the progress as soon as possible to use that latest version. thank you!

  53. Carly says:

    I tried to download the new version on my iPhone and now it asks me to sign in with my Apple is instead of installing right away, so I made a new Apple ID and I signed in it says unable to install because it can only purchase in Canadian store so I make another Apple ID this time I put China and it says unable to download because it can only make purchases in Hong Kong Apple Store so what the hell Apple Store do we put so it works

  54. N says:

    Pls update v0.33 . can’t wait to play again

  55. Ming says:

    pls update to v0.33.TQ cant ply anymore right now

  56. Aaron says:

    Guys if you read the description against tells you it doesn’t work for 0.33.0 but gives you a link to a working version

  57. Viru says:

    Plz update it plz plz plz

  58. Viru says:

    Need update .. will u give update in app?

  59. Doc says:

    Can’t play need to update new version. Can’t update version won’t let me download polemic go in Google store to update.

  60. Viru says:

    Aaron where is link for update?

  61. Viru says:

    Hopefully we will get update in 6-7 hours I thing

  62. Sam says:

    Its says to upgrade pokemon go in 0.33.0 doesnt let me in game help me tutu apps only provides 0.31.0

  63. Marija says:

    Comments for this UPDATE- WORKING METHOD are “This doesn’t work”, “Instantly banned”, and “My phone won’t turn on at all now” >_<

  64. Naitzrk says:

    Please update and Aaron that method needs Root 🙂

  65. Romeo says:

    Can you update for people who don’t have root

  66. mika says:

    its working now just dowloads new versio at tutuapp

  67. Hendry says:

    Updating, hope it work. Thanks.

  68. Marija says:

    It’s working now, tested, just re-download.

  69. killa says:

    no new version mika u liar

  70. sam says:

    Can this app works in redmi note 3 without any root

  71. Enaj420 says:

    hello guys you can check now the apk on tutuapp. its now updated 🙂 im playing it rn.

  72. 8KnightMare8 says:

    i can play yes but when try catch pokemon its constantly escape,any idea how to fix??

    • Dhhx says:

      You’ve been softbanned. You need to wait a couple of hours to play again. This happens when niantic detect you jumping between locations at impossible real life spreads. E.g America to China within a few hours

  73. Donizetti Almeida says:

    Usei apenas um dia, teve atualização do Pokémon go e não funciona mais.

  74. Marky says:

    After I downloaded the tutuapp I tried to open it but there’s a message says “There was a problem parsing the package” What’s that means?

  75. jackson says:

    How to installed pokimon go v0.33.0 new version in my phone

  76. Biz says:

    I could log in to the game but there were no joystick. Any advise?

  77. rio villanueva says:

    how to update the pokemon go hacked

  78. Divij says:

    There is no joystick guys! What to do?

  79. Justagirl says:

    Guys the person on this website explaining how to get the hack does not own the app. Tutu (chinese product) owns it. The only way to get passed your update problem if the creators of the hack sends out an updated version. Until then you going to have to do something else to keep you busy or entertained I don’t know when or they going to let out an update so be patient.

  80. jackson says:

    I get pokimon go in tutuapp ,please this time try and you also get

  81. jackson says:

    Please go setting-app-pokimon go – permission manager- pop windows accept

  82. sam says:

    where is joystick, help me! . if there is no joystick please add it.

  83. Snehankit says:

    Unable to collect poke balls at junctions.
    What do I do,
    Am I soft banned

  84. Snehankit says:

    ? How much time do I need to wait?????

  85. Snehankit says:

    Please help , am I been banned completely

  86. jatin says:

    This is not working anymore plz update tutuapp

  87. Koosz says:

    Hi guys i was wondering if you could help me out, my problem is when a tap on the joystick the caracter does not move, how can i fix this? Thanks in advance

  88. Ryryry says:

    Icant see the map its just blank but still moving but no pokemon

  89. Shan says:

    ladies and gents, delete the old tutuapp and Pokemon go app you have from your phone. After you do that, re download the tutu app and download the Pokemon go Chinese version. Its going to be the one with the ball. ND there you go, the new version of the Pokémon go version 0.33 is updated! Don’t forget if your using iPhone ,you chose the one for the iPhone on the tutu app and if you’re using Android make sure you chose Android. Enjoy! Don’t forget if your going to change locations make sure it’s reasonable, so you don’t get soft banned. If you do, spin the Pokémon stop you are near to for 30+ times until it gives you the items. Has to be the same Pokémon stop your spinning for 30+ times 🙂

  90. Manuel Nevarez says:

    Acabo de re-descargar desde la aplicación tutu app y descargue la versión de pokemon go que pesa 79.06 MB, la instalo y cuando intento entrar al juego, me dice que lamentablemente la aplicación se detuvo y me saca, solo duro como 15 segundos dentro del juego, ayudenme nose como solucionar mi problema, se los agradecería mucho.

  91. David says:

    O app caí toda hora e a localização da pessoa mesmo estando com alta precisão aparece em outro lugar, consertem isso… !

  92. SyedTG3 says:

    Do i need to enable my gps to play this?. Because i cant see any road and i cant tap on the pokemon to catch it help me please

  93. Alan says:

    Please fixed the google login problem.. as i know iOS can login via google account..

  94. Mark R says:

    it used to work on my phone. but after the update it keeps on crashing and i can no longer use it. anything i need to do? my android version is kitkat.

  95. Koosz says:

    Still no luck guys joystick doesnt do anything, what can i do? Thanks

  96. sagar rawat says:

    Plzz update new version of Pokemon go game. And It’s working guy’s. No issue in game.

  97. Mostafa says:

    My joystick is broken how to fix it

  98. Artheuz says:

    Cant login with google account…
    Help me guys..
    I want to play with my google account…

  99. chye says:

    why tutu apps no more pokemon go to download?

  100. Nikola says:

    How to install tutuapp apk i dont see it enwhere

  101. Guilherme says:

    Não está tendo dentro do Tutu APK o jogo Pokemon Go mais?

  102. cryptakonalight says:

    tutuapp removed app pokemon go wtf anyone have a new hack

  103. pukemongo says:

    i think they removed it for now since it’s currently not working maybe they are updating it since it’s stop working a few hours ago

  104. Matheus says:

    Muto bom esse jogo bom demais

  105. Gunz says:

    Any application for hack pokemon go?

  106. affliction says:

    not working anymore in ios and it has been removed in tutuapp T_T

  107. John says:

    Unable to find Pokemon go on tutu app. Pls help me

  108. affliction says:

    it has been removed john

  109. Suf says:

    You can’t change app permissions on android 5.0 so that’s bad because the app will try and use them

  110. Alex says:

    Il n’y a plus pokemon go sur tutuapp, je peux plus le telecharger comment faire svp?

  111. Avi says:

    Not getting the pokemon go hack app in tutuapp. What to do????

  112. ahlan says:

    may i ask something,
    why this app can’t use to fight in the gym?
    when i try it is always error
    like this apk.. but hopefully i can use this gym
    thanks b4

  113. Noun says:

    I have download tutuapp, but there is no pokemon go apk. Fvck man!!

  114. Captain says:

    Avatar not moving. Need help quick.

  115. Kong says:

    Its not there still?

  116. Rafi says:

    I get idea for cheat pokemon go v 0.33.0

  117. Liz says:

    Has it been put back up on the site yet? Anyone know?

  118. AJ says:

    Problem parsing the package..?

  119. Young. says:

    ผมใช้ j7 โหลดมาแล้วแต่พอติดตั้งไม่ได้ทำไงดี

  120. mahesa says:

    This apk work or not for KitKat???

  121. Athien12345 says:

    Tutuapp ko co pokemon go

  122. drake Phelps says:

    It’s working but the app is crashing.

  123. Arjun says:

    Good luck with your phone

  124. prab says:

    No pokemon go lefted,, why in tutuapp date , 14, 8, 16

  125. shibengbeng says:

    the pokemon go in tutuapp not out to download

  126. Jakob Malovrh says:

    My tutuapp dont have pokemon go hack

  127. Kaustubh says:

    How to search for pokemon in this app..

  128. Shanif says:

    I can’t find pokemon go in tutu app

  129. salam says:

    While playing the game it says unfortunately Pokémon go has stopped?
    What to do plz help mee guys anything will doo……

  130. Ratan says:

    How tO use it? i download it but No pokemon go show on it..
    Please help me with it
    M phone version is 4.4.4
    Or please directly send me that cracked pokemon go apk link

  131. Mahesa says:

    I not found pokemon go in tutuapp, my phone asus 4.4.2 KitKat

    • Max Lee says:

      Download this manually:

      • Mahesa says:

        Thanks this link can install but i can’t open modded, because i have pokemon go from play store, what i must Do I have to remove aplications pokemon go from play store in order to open an app for that.

      • Snehankit says:

        Hi, Marlee, thank you for this superb app.
        Please can u tell me can I change a language in Tutu aap

  132. Martin mccoll says:

    Max lee that works but there is nothing on it,no teleporting no walking nkthing.

  133. rudy says:

    Downloaded, but it says I can’t open the file any helpers :/ lolipop 5.1

  134. Jhustine says:

    Its saying parse error

    Pls Help

  135. Romulo says:

    Baixei o aplicativo porém não obtve o sucesso ..a versão do meu celular 5.0.1. O que devo fazer?

  136. snehankit says:

    Hi max Lee how to change default location in app. Please help

  137. Ratan says:

    Sir i download the link of pokemon go u have send but sir it us still not working
    While opening the app it shutsdown automatically
    Please sir help me out of it ! !!!

  138. Miksu says:

    Soft ban….. thanks!

  139. aki says:

    Pokemon keeps on running away, and Poke stops doesn’t give any items, any suggestions?

  140. Alex says:

    I install Tutuapp but didn’t show me pokemon go game.what I have to do? I’m on android 5.0.1Huawei

  141. Oh Yeah says:

    everytime i log in i always spawn at same spot, how could i change it. Please help.

  142. Robert mccullom says:

    Modded pokemon go doesnt work anymore

  143. Stsb says:

    downloaded but not installed .
    starts but stops without finishing

    • Stsb says:

      uninstall the original version and installed mod . But how to set paetenza place ?
      I have to set fictitious positions ?
      what to do?

  144. VENVEN says:

    How to download tutuapp? Help please. 🙁

  145. Darkhog says:

    Pokemon Go Hack Cheat Unlimited Resources – Android, iOS

  146. Darkhog says:

    Pokemon Go Hack Unlimited PokeCoins, PokeBalls & Unlock All Items..!

  147. vikash says:

    its not working in latest version 0.33.0

  148. Saim Ansari says:

    Well guys, I have been using the Tutuapp and the modded pokemon since some days and I am continuously encountering a problem. The problem is that when I go to any gym and start to battle the game freezes and i have to restart the app. Also when I encounter a pokemon and touch on it in order to capture, the game again freezes. Any suggestions to fix this?

  149. Jonas says:

    What Apple id country i need? For downloading Pokemon go in tutuapp?

  150. BCNMkV says:

    Why when i open the apk, there is just a chinese words and then the app force close?

  151. Jeremix says:

    Is not working for me I got in. But it says to do an update but its sends me to Google play

  152. Stsb says:

    I have problems!
    He says it can not find the location does not appear it pokestop pokemon and not son- kilometers for eggs !
    You need a fucking manual !

  153. cutepdf says:

    guys tutuapp deleted pokemon go …

  154. Matt says:

    How can i change the define location? when i start the app i’m always in San Francisco, i would use my real position!

  155. Simra says:

    I was glad to find some working hack. But after 5 hours of playing whenever I opened the app it shuts down and repeats this. I uninstalled it and then reinstalled it, no change. I Reinstalled game and tutu both but no change. I hate this mod. Fix it.

  156. Rigo says:

    I have it downloading. & working but it works for when i first logs in then it doesnt i tap the pokemons & it says error & disappeared

  157. Axad says:

    I am not getting any joystick on my screen

  158. Kenzie says:

    Can anyone still uses this without getting banned?

  159. lucifer says:

    did everything i can to use this…but sadly i was not successful, my friends can uze this but i cant…

  160. bing says:

    I did it also but suddenly the application turns off and stopped..

  161. Jing says:

    Me but i cannot seem to change my position

  162. nguyenduong says:

    Làm ơn chỉ mk với

  163. Nam says:

    Nam nam nam iu iu iu ka ka ka bu
    Thu không iu la seo đây
    Thi yeu

  164. Leo messi says:

    I have a fucking redmi note 3 and when I downloaded tutu app it dont show option to download Pokemon

  165. Maq417 says:

    how can i change the default location of it… i wanna play in my area… pleass help… 🙁

  166. Tushar says:

    How to change locations ?

  167. Shanif says:

    yes i also got from gamezlot.com
    thank you ata.mazzeo

  168. Ashwin says:

    These app keeps on crushing how to fix this problem

  169. ryan says:

    authenticating problem??? any solution for this?? im using pokemon trainers club

  170. Romeo says:

    There’s no app up there for Pokemon go someone help

  171. Gel says:

    I tried to re-do everything however the tutuapp os still the same, I still cant download Pokemon Go there. It’s on the upper most part and therr are Chinese writings that I don’t understand.

  172. Hao says:

    Installed tutu app. Then try to install modded 0.33.0 pokemon go but it says not installed. Anything that I missed out? Or already cannot use?

  173. Aiman says:

    Can’t move my avatar.why? It actually moving but only for short distance.

  174. Ghvghv says:

    Hfhbrv hhehirb jfb4hj thb4j

  175. Dee Takeshima says:

    Moded V.33 has been remove by niantic Aug. 21, 2016. I can’t get into PG. It says server error. But i can with the regular PG. Does this mean niantic banned the modded v33? Do you have other moded for v33 that has joystick? Thanks.

  176. Dee Takeshima says:

    Moded V.33 has been remove by niantic Aug. 21, 2016. I can’t get into PG. It says server error. But i can with the regular PG. Does this mean niantic banned the modded v33? Do you have other moded for v33 that has joystick? Thanks.

    • Max Lee says:

      This works fine on V0.33.0. You have to use Pokemon Trainer Club account, you will get server error if you use Google account.

      • Dee Takeshima says:

        Like I said Ive using this modded 33. 0 PG and using my Trainer Club but now I can’t get into it. It’s saying authentication failure or server error. Then I tested it regular on the regular PG and it works. The modded app might have been banned or what.

  177. Corvo says:

    Joystick isnt Working. Cant move in any direction. How to fix it?

  178. CraxioMozo says:

    Hi Peeps,I would like to say if the app hack works on google acc will be even nicer as it can cont to what ever we have catch so far and current lvl u have. with this u can compete in Gym also. If u start an acc from Pokemon Go Trainer,then u have to do it all over again n start leveling again. takes time. for example like if ur acc on lvl 20 then u hack it to get lapras. the CP will be even higher in the wild.

    I’ve tried to install the modded 33.0 PG. i got authentication error as well. many ppl wanna use this app now, so it might be block by now. sad sia.

  179. Lisette says:

    I don’t have a joystick when I open the game. What did I do wrong? I downloaded it with the tutu app.

    • CS says:

      You need to play around with your settings and allow pop-ups in the app. Some Android have the permission settings. I got my joystick after allowing pop-ups. Great!

  180. Jesus ramos says:

    No funciona las direccionales de movimiento , por favor una solucion

  181. danar says:

    for guys, who used OS android

    tutuapp doesnt work if you login with google account.
    you must login with Pokemon Trainer Club (PTC),

    but, account pokemon go that you login with google account, cant transfer to account PTC
    so, you must start again to level 1.

    thank you,.

  182. Help says:

    I get a parsing error, but all of my settings are correct. Does this work with s6 g929a 5.11?

  183. Jason says:

    How can I download pokemon go on tutu in trying to down load it but I don’t under stand it plz help me

  184. abyss says:

    update to v0.35

  185. Harmeet singh says:

    App working but no joystick there how to fix this plz help i amusing mi phone

  186. James says:

    Hey guys any one know any hacks for poke coins? I downloaded the tutuapp and been playing from my house but I ran outta space for Pokémon.any ideas?

  187. Andy says:

    OK I’ve got this working. Got a trainer account and I’m in the game (I believe San Francisco) however there are no controls and no overlay options I can find in order to move about.. anyone know what’s wrongoing?

  188. Jerrkies says:

    Is this 0.35 version?

  189. sher says:

    i got the app working but it it does’t show pokemons and pokestops.

  190. axelia says:

    Please update versi 0.35..thanks…

  191. Ben says:

    How do you update it

  192. Nathalie says:

    Il n’y a plus le jeu pokemon go est-ce normal? Et qlq un à toi il une solution merci

  193. Leo says:

    Does this hack work on lollipop 5.1.1 please notify me

  194. Allison Sudtelgte says:

    Hi I downloaded it but for some reason pokemon do not appear anyone know why?

  195. slasjross says:

    Hope it will update to the 0.35 mod, so we can use the new feature of pogo. Thanks

  196. Farhan says:

    Man kan snyde.hvis man trykker på den venstre pil så går man uden at man skal gå.

  197. Farhan says:

    hvis man trykker på den venstre pil så går man uden at man skal gå.

  198. Farhan says:

    is A good app and cool

  199. Muhamet says:

    Ich finde ganz gut

  200. Muhamet says:

    ist ein gute App und coul

  201. Nihat says:

    Das ist die coul Ste app

  202. Brandon says:

    This is a good hack

  203. Aron valcoba says:

    I cant download it where is the download link

  204. devang says:

    My tutu app is pokemon go not download

  205. devang says:

    My tutu app is pokemon go not download plz help

  206. devang says:

    My tutu app is pokemon go not download plz help ok

  207. uptown9950 says:

    Ok, when I use the trainer account, will I have access to the rare Pokemon on my main account?

  208. avinash says:

    Pokemon trainer club can be played in real pokemon app

  209. Bennyhee123 says:

    Okey.. diss pokemon go hack dont work to Samsung j5 version 5.1.1 van i seng me link to i van use diss

  210. Akash says:

    Everything is fine but my app crashes in a few seconds after I start the game. Is there a newer version of this app?

  211. Omkar shinde says:

    Sir tutu app is working nicely but in my mobile joystick is not showing what should I do plz reply me fast

  212. Platong says:

    I’am don’t download and openfile tutuapp & pok’emon

  213. Tpx says:

    No poke stop and gym. Why??? Please help me………

  214. luat says:

    Nguyen cao luat

  215. Walter says:

    I download it and install. but when I play it it’s not even walking. why ??

  216. remshin says:

    need help. followed all the procedures but i cannot see any pokestop or gyms. what will i do? please help.

  217. Rishki says:

    Everything works fine…but the joystick doesn’t work… if anyone have any idea about it…thn plz help me out

  218. Tomislavk says:

    anyone know how to change home location?

  219. jimbo says:

    still cannot login….sign in with google or trainer club……why?????

  220. Sebas4040404 says:


  221. Mmm says:

    My trainer is not moving. Please help.

  222. shushi says:

    using this app can banned an account even you didn’t jump to other country?? anws. pls

  223. dev says:

    I have downloaded it but its not opening

  224. Jorge says:

    Can’t install pokemon go which I downloaded at tutuapp

  225. Taylor says:

    Help when ever I do this it loads up fine then it crashes and sometimes dose not want to open

  226. titi says:

    J’ai un problème pour installer le jeu mon téléphone me met application non installée

  227. Josh says:

    My tutuapp hack works its just it just brings me back to my home screen within a minute or two of me playing it. I would really like some1 to help me

  228. Romeo says:

    Look this hack sucks ok guys theres a easy hack for all andriods that’s easy asf and its better watch my YouTube channel tonight at 9pm to see the new hack allows you to level up and catch Pokemon by its slef and be in any country or state you want get pokeballs and all my YouTube channel is Romeo Davis watch it for the best hack

  229. Enzo says:

    Help…..the app was working but it keeps lagging and crashing…my phone is Galaxy grand prime. Android Kitkat 4.4..any suggestion??

  230. Zijan says:

    Verry nice 😊

  231. Joseph mendes says:

    Help… I’m not able to install the app after downloading it and allowing unknown sources.. I get an red x error when I click on install. Thanks in adance.

  232. Waykool says:

    Great app working fine and all correct …. But please ..can someone say how to set the HOME location

    It defaults to San Francisco and need to make it my town

    A Dummy Guide how to do this please anyone

    Brill app

  233. ramossr4 says:

    I signed in with trainer club joystics appear but don’t work

  234. Edison says:

    How to get the free coins

  235. Vicente says:

    Me en canto gracias

  236. miisun-miranda says:

    cant buy anyting not even coins! After level 7 every pokemon is escaping and cant fight in any gyms.

  237. Chad says:

    The language is in chinese hoe to change it

  238. IRVING ACOSTA says:


  239. Tom says:

    Hi Max! When I open the Modified Pokemon Go APK it’s asking me to update. I read from the article above, “UPDATE: This method NOW WORKS on v0.33.0 and v0.35.0 update! For v0.35.0 update, you just need to keep using 0.330 modded Pokemon Go so DON’T UPDATE and keep using v0.33.0.” What do i need to do? Thanks!

  240. Jasoncruz says:

    Im using pokemon go modded 0.33v but once i login it always says update to continue. How can i still play without updating or do you even have the 0.37v apk the latest updated version

  241. Gavin says:


  242. Gavin says:

    Ejejjejejejejejejjejejejjdjdidkejieiwjdncmvmmvnxnmpou hrijehaho

  243. Gareth says:

    Hi Maxlee,
    New update is out bro,
    Can u please roll out a new working version

  244. kikkomachinne says:

    pokemon go 0.35 mod joystick is no longer working….

  245. Jashveer says:

    Plzz help me if I go to pokemon go app it always exit the game

  246. saaheb says:

    when update version will come?

  247. Carl says:

    The modded pokemon go for andriod please

    • moklo says:

      This app never be used..the hacker did not make a way to re modify the latest update.. Hoping for latest of it… Soon..
      Thanks ahead….
      Next update.. !! For trading i think..

  248. rafa says:

    I got it to work with logging into training but it makes me start an account all over. It does not seem to sync with my Google account. Is there a way to have themy sync and have the Pokémon you catch on both.

  249. Rudy says:

    It says i need to update. And i update my pogo. Then it stil says i need to update

  250. mohit says:

    I am using tutu app pokemon g o apk but it’s I saving update the app to continue
    What can be done now

  251. Azukabieks says:

    My device android ,i can install pokemon tutuap but must uninstall pokemon niantic.. how can installed pokemon tutuap and pokemon go niantic in 1 device?

  252. Andreas says:

    Jeg elsker dig og alle dine spørgsmål og pokemon go

  253. Andreas says:

    Dfghhjh ggjhggj dggdss hgjjbgfcy bbb

  254. Flo says:

    Hi. When im ingame, everything Works. The Display Shows me the joypad But when i click on it, my char does Not Move. Any ideas?

  255. Nas Magayanes says:

    pls the new version is came out pls we need a solution to play PoGo pls

  256. susano says:

    Is there any new tutuapp hack for the new pokemon go update…..??? Now this hack can not be used anymore….

  257. JUSTIN STEVENS says:

    Does not work on the newest update any news on when they update I have android 5.1.1

  258. Kimcilhunter says:

    Same dude, need help

  259. Tpx says:

    Please update PO go

  260. Chriz says:

    please need help there’s a new version how can I update the new pokemon go update.

  261. Tpx says:

    Pleaseeeee update pokemon go to new versiion

  262. Lara says:

    Can’t get it to work since the latest update. It worked okay after the buddy update when I just deleted and downloaded it again. This time nothing. Please make a new video pls!!

  263. Viss says:

    All Process is good but when open a game of it ask for updates through their Google play in india its not possible

  264. Rana Singh says:

    New update won’t show joystick

  265. Thom3102 says:

    J’ai besoins de tutuapp

  266. Sammy says:

    Everything is running smooth……as i logged in with pokemon trainer club etc. except one thing it always says me to update the game when i m logged in…… I HAVEN’T INSTALLED THE GAME FROM TUTUAPP but I HAVE INSTALLED IT FROM THE ARTICLE….. SO PLS HELP ME…..

  267. Manan Patel says:

    I need joystick in Pokemon go but I do joystick and after I go in Pokemon go and after coming failed detect to location

  268. try says:

    This work in the past but now it wont coz of auto update

  269. Hasibullah Mohmand says:

    When i open the fly gps app and click on joystick. It joystick is not available. And when i play Pokémon go in top of Pokémon go game write that failed to detect location. What to do help me plz as soon as you can ….

  270. Eli says:

    Not work, the app show error Impossible find the location

  271. harsh pawar says:

    It said unable to atenticate plez help me anyone else,plez

  272. Preetam says:

    The hack version is mot working in my phone it’s saying unable to authenciate even after I’m signing by pokemon trainer account

  273. Fxhjr says:

    It side unable helpmeanyyone plez

  274. shubham says:

    I downloaded Pokemon go from tutuapp. Also created a login in Pokemon trainer club .but still it does not show the joysticks.plzz tell what to do

  275. Vidhan says:

    Sir plzz mod the latest version of pokemon go

  276. V murahari says:

    it came on m’y pone but it is saying un able to autenicate

  277. V murahari says:

    Pleaseany one help

  278. Astik says:

    It says unable to autenicate what to do please tell

  279. siva says:

    I installed this app but I can’t able to sign in, every time it notify unable to authenticate

  280. siva says:

    Pls tell me what to do

  281. Alex says:

    Everytime i try to log in with the Trainer Club, it says unable to authenticate. What do i do?

  282. Sumukha15 says:

    When put my Pokémon trainer and try to sign in it shows unable to authenticate

  283. Syed says:

    I’m not able to sign in both ways neither in Google nor PTC wat should I do??

  284. PRATEEK says:


  285. Lavanya says:

    It is showing unable to authentic please try again please tell how to fix it

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