Pokemon GO IV Checker APK! – Hack to Check IV!


If you want to be more efficient and win more gym battles in Pokemon Go, you may want to consider the Pokemon Go IV Checker APK, which is an Xposed module you can install on any rooted Android device with Xposed running on it.

For those of you who don’t know, IV stands for “Individual Values”, which are hidden stats that will show you how strong your Pokemon is in Gym Battles.  While the game only shows you CP rating, with Pokemon Go IV Checker APK, you will be able to see stats of individual Pokemon’s attack, defense, and stamina ratings.  These values can range from 0 to 15.

Now there are a lot of apps out there that does this but this Pokemon Go IV Checker app is special since it doesn’t use API, MITM, or other actions that might get you flagged/banned by Pokemon Go servers.   If you are serious about winning at Pokemon Go gym battles, this is definitely one of the must haves.  So definitely check it out if you have a rooted Android device with Xposed installed and do let us know how well it worked for you!


Download Pokemon Go IV Checker APK

Credits – Xposed

Note: This app DOES NOT RUN by itself!!! You will need to install Xposed Installer, please see Xposed Installer for Marshmallow! or Xposed for Lollipop.

What is an APK File?

APK File is a file/app that can be installed on any Android smartphone or tablet. Using an APK file, you can install Android apps manually on your Android device.

You do not need a rooted Android device to install APK files. For installation instructions, please see below.

How to Install APK Files

You will need to make sure Unknown Sources is checked ON in Settings to install APK files. We do recommend you to use a file explorer app such as ES File Explorer, available on the Play Store for free, to install these apps.

How to Uninstall APK Files

You can also easily uninstall these apps afterwards in Settings->Apps or Settings->App Manager depending on your Android device.

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