Pokemon Go APK 0.37.1! [Pokemon Go Plus Update]


Pokemon Go APK has been updated to v0.37.1 as of today.  What is new?  Well, Nintendo has just released the new Pokemon Go Plus device (which retails for $34.99), which will alert you via vibration whenever there’s new Pokemons around you to catch.  By using Pokemon Go Plus, you can save a ton of battery life by having Pokemon Go app run in the background.  Yes, no more keeping your phone on or the app on to catch Pokemons, let the Pokemon Go Plus do the job for you.

If you have bought a Pokemon Go Plus recently, you will have to update to the Pokemon Go APK v0.37.1 as the update fixes a bug so you can use Pokemon Go Plus.

Have you bought a Pokemon Go Plus yet?  If so, how well is it working for you?


Download Pokemon Go APK v0.37.1

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You do not need a rooted Android device to install APK files. For installation instructions, please see below.

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How to Uninstall APK Files

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  1. BlackMart says:

    Some one Said Pokemon is banned , is it true..??

  2. luc says:

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  3. Afroz says:

    Oooo really what

  4. Afroz says:

    I like pokemon go

  5. Afroz says:

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