Modded Pokemon Go Hacked APK for v0.33.0! [Tutuapp]


For those of you bummed out that latest v0.33.0 update broke Tutuapp Pokemon Go Android Hack, Tutuapp has updated as of last night to the latest v0.33.0, which now works fine again.

Now, you can download the latest update using Tutuapp but if you are having trouble, you can download the new modded Pokemon Go Hacked APK here and install.

This modded Pokemon Go APK will allow you to enjoy the full hack like before on latest v0.33.0.  You will also need Tutuapp APK installed in order for this app to work.


Download Modded Pokemon Go Hacked APK v0.33.0

See a demo of how to install this APK here:

What is an APK File?

APK File is a file/app that can be installed on any Android smartphone or tablet. Using an APK file, you can install Android apps manually on your Android device.

You do not need a rooted Android device to install APK files. For installation instructions, please see below.

How to Install APK Files

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210 Responses

  1. zendaya says:


  2. Ace says:

    Hello. It said app unable to install. Why ?

  3. Mark Guevarra says:

    This is not working cant install

  4. Jander says:

    continues loading and does not happen as anything on google as the coach.

  5. Daniel says:

    We need one for 5.1 on lollipop for Android

  6. Carlo says:

    We need one in 6.0 in lollipop for android

  7. mackie says:

    Mine is that when I am in battle it says error and when I catch a pokemon it will break free and run. What happenedn?

  8. LoneSnake says:

    This works in huawei android 6.0?

  9. Daniel says:

    I Puck unknow sources and no see any pokestop in Map help pls Samsung Galaxy grand Prime lollipop 5.0.2

  10. Smael Samer says:

    You need to unistall the first pokemon then download this one

  11. Matheus says:

    Bom demais esse muito bom

  12. Debojit Dutta says:

    Hey….all are pokestop…..around me….. I have not got any pokemons yet……

  13. johntor says:

    This not work for intel

  14. Fel Joseph Catipay says:

    It doesn’t work for andriod lollipop… why?

  15. Halaby says:

    It doesn’t work on Android marshmallow!! Why

  16. Asi says:

    It gives me adds and doesn’t allow me to install!How can I remove the Google Add?!Help me!!Please!

  17. Ankit says:

    Why im getting the screen loading forever after i login through my google id ?
    please help!

  18. Ankit says:

    But i don’t want a fresh start im at level 24 why should i start from level 1 any other solution??

  19. yhum says:

    i can’t use the app it’s crashing everytime i open my gps im running lollipop version

  20. anique says:

    Keep saying “cannot open file” ughh

  21. Joe says:


    I just installed this version on my Verizon Note 4 (Unrooted for now) and I’m on 6.0.1. The modded PokemonGo app does load but like the other user…if I try to sign-in with Google…it just continues to spin and nothing happens. I’ve tried rebooting and still no go. Any ideas?

    If we sign-up for a Pokemon Go Trainer account, can we somehow link our Google Account with it so that we don’t have to start from scratch?

    Thx and keep up the great work!!


    • Max Lee says:

      Tutuapp method only works with Trainer account but if you have 6.0.1 you can just use flygps here

  22. Joe says:

    Awesome, Thanks Max!!

  23. Marc says:

    This file of app not run.
    When will this app fix

  24. Shon jordan says:

    I cant install the pokemon go apk it says cant unstall and says not as an option pls help me. Im using lollipop

  25. MOHAMMAD A Almasri says:

    So I’ve installed the tutu app and the moded pokemon go app on my note 5 running loli pop and it’s been working great for like 2 days and then for some reason the app keeps on crashing everytime I open it

  26. hamza says:

    It is not opening ? What to do

  27. Wuzzy says:

    Open and spin, close pokestop for 40 times and softbann is gone 🙂

  28. Ben says:

    Got note 3 with KitKat, crashing when opening…. Any advice ?

  29. Liz says:

    Samsung Galaxy s5 kitkat version 4.4.2, everytime I try and download I get a cannot open file error…and it won’t open the model version at all…any ideas why?

  30. Urijah says:

    Downloaded app

    It was working fine then. Now I can’t catch any Pokemon they keep running away after one throw.
    Pokestops won’t let me get anything it just keeps spinning and spinning.
    Pokemon are popping up like crazy but for nothing I can’t catch anything…… Any thoughts on what to do ?

  31. Arcane says:

    So i downloaded the app…It won’t even launch it…What do i do?

  32. Darz says:

    Does this support Zenfone 2 with Intel chips? Installed it in mine, was successful but the app won’t open. It will only give a dialogue with chinese characters then closes.

  33. Winston says:

    Why isnt the functions in the app working (joystick location spoof) etc.

  34. Skegio says:

    I’ve installed it but when I try to open it appear some chinese symbols and then Pokemon GO down in my screen and it closes the app…

  35. Orestis says:

    I have installed the app but it is impossible to open it.. when i open it, it crashes immediately and some chinese letters apear in the bottom of the screen.. i have android 5.0.1 and i dont know what to do.. other people also experience the same thing.. Pls, if anybody knows what i should do to fix this, leave a comment to let me know..:)

  36. Caleb says:

    Failed parse package thru tutu and the pokemon go apk, ideas?

  37. San says:

    Maybe this apk is down or got banned from niantic. Please fix it fast

  38. Rico says:

    I wall free Pokemon go hack plz plz plz

  39. Sura says:

    Is this method still working? I got the server busy error.

  40. Unknowm says:

    Help The Joystick Isn’t Working For Me
    My Character Isn’t Moving

  41. Jax says:

    Does it work on the edge6

  42. Mokho says:

    It work 2 minut but than i out i install it and tutuapp any help ??

  43. Manoj says:

    Yesterday i installed it and it worked fine but today its lagging as hell and it force shuts in like 2 mins its not the ram issue what can i do about it?

  44. Ashwin says:

    Why I can’t open pokemon go hack should I have to download latest version

  45. Help says:

    Error parsing the pokemon .apk. I’m on 5.1.1. I’ve installed tutu, deleted pokemon as well.

    Help please

  46. Ehpie says:

    I cant install this apk…why???pls help me!

  47. Jeff says:

    How do I change my home location from San Francisco? Not complaining but just so I can go somewhere with different pokemon.

    • darthslayer says:

      Let me know when you find a way to do that Jeff… I am trying to find out the same thing since a few days now. I am tired of all the Golbats out here !!!!

  48. Siraj says:

    Ay want to playing that

  49. Lily says:

    I can catch Pokemons and everything, but there’s no joystick or any of the other options. Do I need to turn on some new settings? Lollipop OS.

  50. Utkarsh says:

    The app won’t run

  51. Eon says:


  52. Rafhael says:

    I don’t understand the language if it is a Chinese or Japanese

  53. sohan says:

    The game is crashing after 4secs from start….

  54. bahdbdi says:

    Lavde se mera Chal raha hai ……..Gaand Mara….!!!!

  55. Ashwin says:

    It lags many time

  56. Ashwin says:

    It lags many time any solution for this

  57. Ankit Sharma says:

    Unable to use and see the joystick…

  58. Prabesh says:

    I want pokemone go money

  59. karan prajapati says:

    Its getting force stop….. plz help….

  60. harish says:

    Its working if u add only trainer gym account otherwise nice app

  61. Iflappypenguin says:

    I can get into the app but the pokemon only spawn at the pokestops for the first 5 minutes then they dont spawn till I restart the app. And I cant see pokemons in the wild, im in san fransisco so its easy to fall upon them normally. Most of the time when I tap on a pokemon in a pokestop or go into an arena its says error and the pokemon disapears, the arena closes. I think its a sync. problem because the arena shows up blue or whatever and when I tap on it the arena menu show up a different colour.
    I m on android 4.4.
    Pls help.

  62. Jhon says:

    Why do people expect a hack that this company is trying to ban and or take down at every turn work flawlessly? Stupid! It’s gonna lag, your person is gonna twitch to the west every few sec. It’s gonna crash mid game it’s not an official Niantic game it’s a hack an apk file, THAT THEY ARE TRYING TO GET RID OF JUST LIKE POKEMON BLISS AND THE LOCATORS THAT NO LONGER WORK! SO ENJOY WHAT IS, AS IS, TILL ITS GON!

  63. shivam vats says:

    Joystick is not there in the game

  64. Awaan says:

    Plzz anyone help in tutu app der is no pokemon go mod version anyone answer mee plzz fasst??

    • Iflappypenguin says:

      Tutuapps removed pokemon go from their games, you have to download the modded pokemon go directly.
      Here is the link, hopes it helps ☺

  65. Harshit says:

    I installed the tutuapp and modded pokemon go app and performed all the required settings but I’m not getting the joystick controller and dialog box from where I can set the cordinates or speed or any other but I am getting the dialog box in right end corner below the screen which tells the user coordinates.

    Please reply soon and hope this hack works for me

  66. akshay says:

    How do I get joystick in this game

  67. unknown says:

    How do I get the joystick for Android 5.2 with no root? Your hack is awesome. cheers

  68. ... says:

    I can open it and all but it doesn’t show the joystick and the bar.

  69. Iflappypenguin says:

    Just watch my video or max lee’s on youtube

  70. Gaban says:

    Its working but no joystick and small icon option on the screen.. Im running it on redmi note 3* snapdragon 5.1.1 lollipop .. Actually its work very fine on my other android phone like asus zen5 but not in redmi note3*.. Can u tell us how to fix this..

  71. eaters says:

    Sir help me fix this my phone is acer lollipop 5.1 and I cannot install it ” app not installed”

  72. Zal says:

    Hi.. the new mobbed pokemon works but it kept closing.. stated unfortunately pokemon go has stopped. Please help me is there any ways to solve this..

  73. John Dew says:

    how can i change the latitude and longitute of the HOME icon?

  74. ludvigkudden says:

    Hack för pokemon go

  75. Red says:

    Using it for a few hours now wont open

  76. CHARLIE says:

    For those with missing joystick prob, make sure in ur settings u have allowed popouts.

  77. Peter panot says:

    Howndo we use this with pokesniper?

  78. Dan says:

    When i sign into a trainers account which I have created it takes me straight back to the sign in menu essentially I can’t seem to sign in and load anything…… Help ¿

  79. Paul says:

    Using android 4.4.2 when trying to download the modded pokemon go 0.33.0 apk file it keeps giving an error message “there was a problem parsing the package.”, what does this mean and i was able to download thr tutu apk file already and deleted the pokemon go app from my phone. Please help.

  80. Ashwin says:

    Activate your account in order to play pokemon go, now what is this problem I’m facing while sing in

  81. Lim han hui ah sock says:

    How come my character run by itself without touch the joysticj

  82. Elif says:


  83. Elusive says:

    Opens and closes instantly android 5.0.1 what did I do wrong?

  84. MusicBox says:

    The reason why it closes it because you need to trust the app.

  85. Alyshia says:

    Installed. Had no issues. Have tutu app and everything. Says it cannot detect my location… smh. I’m using a Note 3 with 5.0 lollipop

  86. Matan says:

    I installed the game and it faild to detect location and when It work it’s lagging
    Anybody have a solution?

  87. Tobias says:


  88. Ayush Tyagi says:

    The app is great but could u please provide it in english. By the way good work keep it up.

  89. Mac says:

    Working on latest update?

  90. JH says:

    i downloaded the it and tried to install then the message shows “Describe error”. the file is only 7KB. Anywhere i can download?

  91. Tony says:

    max, i have a problem here. when i click log in using google, it shows this message ” our server are humbled by your incredible responses. we are working to resolve the issue. please try again soon”
    can you help me to fix this ?

    • Iflappypenguin says:

      You need to log in with a pokemon trainer account. But I don’t know if there is a way to transfer your Google account progress to the trainer account.
      Hope it helps

      • Tony says:

        Iflappypenguin, i’ve tried your steps by log in using trainers club. It can log in and can play but when i log out and clik on google account. It left the screen keep spinning for hours. How about that ??

        • Iflappypenguin says:

          The trainer account isn’t like a key, it doesn’t let you connect with your google account while using this modded version you have to forget about google accounts and use a trainer account. You cannot login with google

  92. Vishal says:

    How to change location in tutu app

    • Iflappypenguin says:

      Go to the menu in the top left corner —> magnifying glass icon —> wait a moment for it to load —> unzoom on the map that apears on top of the pokemon list and tap where you want to go !

  93. bryce benson imperial says:

    How can i change my home location?

  94. pokemaster says:

    How to change home location????????? no one has ans this yet!

  95. Fayaz says:

    I am able to login but cant find joystick to move around. Please help…

  96. Stephen says:

    @Iflappypenguin mine android is 5.1.1 I have downloaded the latest apk also created a new pokemon trainer account! but I can’t catch my first pokemon it is not popping up? And if I allow mock location shows failed to show location help!!! :))))

  97. Helencalapano says:

    Nice how can i install this app

  98. Yougario says:

    Does this work on a galaxy s3? Because i downloaded the apk, but the app doesn’t install.

  99. Jufriadi says:

    this apk can’t install in my device,
    my os kitkat
    Help me please, what wrong?

  100. lewis says:

    Can u get it on s4 mini

  101. Manuel says:

    Para Android 4.4.4?

  102. Tony says:

    Can this work for ios??

  103. Ayra says:

    It says “unfortunately, pokemon go has stopped” WHAT AM I GOING TO DO?????????

  104. Shubh says:

    I could mother sight in with Google

  105. kyo says:

    why I cant log in??any can help me

  106. Ben says:

    How to change home gps coordinates

  107. Snehankit says:

    Hi Maxlee, this app works awesome, but only problem is I takes me directly to san Francisco, how do I set location to my location that’s India, please help

  108. jay says:

    It works but it se’s failed to locate location..plss help

  109. Tom says:

    I successfully installed the Tutuapp APK, but when I tried installing the Modded Pokemon Go Hacked APK v0.33.0, the result I got was, “app not installed”. I’m using Samsung Galaxy Tab S SM-T705, can I get some help please?

  110. phillisray says:

    I can’t sign in to my google acc..why??

  111. Tadzing says:

    Please make it work on 4.4.4 Android

  112. Migs says:

    there’s no pokemon to catch but the pokestops are working how can I fix this?

  113. Hector Hernandez says:

    I downloaded the app and it installed but when I try to open it, the app crashes. Why is that

  114. Torres says:

    Need update for pokemon go

  115. Sneh says:

    It shows that you need to update your app. Please bring an update for hack of 0.37. Thank you 🙂

  116. jatin says:

    An update is needed pls make it

  117. Kris says:

    Kenapa gps not found?

  118. ahdjdnf says:

    Where do you download it from

  119. chrissy says:

    just when i was about to try an updates is needed….

  120. adwait says:

    Its telling updatw to continue..plzz date 26 sept 2016

  121. Sylke Van Ransbeeck says:

    Update to continue…

  122. jatin says:

    Pls give version 0.39pokemon go apk for tutuapp

  123. Sel says:

    No longer working is there a new one?

  124. Urmom says:


  125. Jose says:

    Why do comercials keep coming up

  126. priya says:

    it is asking for update.

  127. kakkib says:

    Asking for a update,where i will find update version for modded ?

  128. Lucasshderd says:

    Laysgdse.shsgeee ejeiehejee muie

  129. mansuri Sezan says:

    Worlds Best Game

  130. Abhimanyu says:

    Continue to update….

    Can you give updated version(0. 41),
    Where shall I find it??

  131. idham says:

    ask to update, but it go to the niantic. how to do? pls help…

  132. sadil says:

    How can I update pokemon go apk in new version

  133. LEONORA KEALOHA says:

    Hgtjghjnyjkkl oh hhvf

  134. LEONORA KEALOHA says:

    Mdjdjdjjdurjrjdujejdjdjdjjrudjrjjdj Dr jjdjd
    Jdjdjdudjjdisijeudin Dr jisijdjjkendjii we djiisiiis
    Uueie88didkeicikjdj s kmmdjkskskxkdkskkskksk

  135. Ash says:

    Not opening….just fail to open

  136. Loe Camo says:

    It keep saying a newer version is available and i cant get into the game. Im willing to pay anyone who has a problem to my solution.

  137. Parth says:

    How can i update it

  138. Parth says:

    it is asking for update

  139. Jyoti says:

    Server down error

  140. Jyoti says:

    Server down message

  141. md says:

    It’s says unable to authentic why what is the problem

  142. Alex says:

    When I open it, it instantly closes and says something in chinesePokemonGo! What does thus mean

  143. gAmErJoY says:

    What are the hack’s features?

  144. Karan says:


  145. Saksham says:

    I don’t know

  146. Ayush says:

    Help me it is saying unable to authericate while logging in by trainer club my android version 6.0

  147. Anudeep says:

    Why is it not coming to me it is saying that please try again soon

  148. Akshat says:

    this is not latest version of hack pokemon go

    what i do for download latest version pokemon go in android

  149. Roshan says:


  150. Krrish says:

    Nice this

  151. cbd store winsted ct says:

    what is a cbd high like?

  152. what is mens favorite lingerie says:

    Is anyone here in a position to recommend Tantus? Thanks xx

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