Minecraft Pocket Edition APK v0.15.6!


Looking for the latest Minecraft Pocket Edition APK v0.15.6? Since v0.15.0, Minecraft Pocket Edition APK added a lot of new changes like Xbox Live support, Xbox Live cross platform session browse (multi-player game with friends), and Realms!

As a Minecraft PE player, this has just been a big relief as before we couldn’t really play against other players unless everyone was on the same WiFi. With the latest versions of Minecraft PE APKs, you will be able to enjoy Minecraft PE fully.

If you want to play multi-player games online, you will also have to sign up for Xbox Live account, which is free but if you are a minor you may need your parents to get you full access.  My daughter plays Minecraft PE also and I went through hell trying to get our accounts connected.  While it’s not perfect as Xbox and Minecraft are working out the kinks, if you get it working you will be able to enjoy the new multi-player mode.

The latest v0.15.6 also fixes some bugs and should now run faster/better than ever.  Try it and do let us know what you think!


Download Minecraft PE APK v0.15.6

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