GO Simulator APK – Pokemon Go Bot for Android!


Go Simulator APK is a Pokemon Go Bot that will allow you to catch Pokemons literally without doing anything.  Now, we’ve actually been able to use this app to catch Pokemons and level up without actually playing the game.  Note that this Go Simulator APK is really recommended for educational purposes only as it will ultimately get you banned.

We did verify the app worked as shown in the screenshot above but problems we encountered was that you would have to stop and start the hack every few minutes and while doing that, the app itself would give you a 30-second advertisement to watch, which was annoying.  You may be better off using a Pokemon Go Joystick hack/GPS-spoofing method such as FlyGPS, TutuApp, or Pokemon GO Controls APK.

But it was definitely fun playing with Go Simulator APK as it does catch Pokemons for you without ANY work.  If you want to check it out for fun, make sure you make a new Pokemon account to try it out as it will probably get you permanently banned pretty quickly.

For demo and installation instructions of Go Simulator APK, see Pokemon Go Hack Android – Go Simulator!


Download Go Simulator APK

What is an APK File?

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You do not need a rooted Android device to install APK files. For installation instructions, please see below.

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  1. Senne says:

    Een hele goede website

  2. candra says:

    cara instalnya gimana

  3. Jaro says:

    Ihan hyvältä näyttää

  4. Jaro says:


  5. Jaro says:

    On tosi hyvä näin kun kaveri pelasi niin päätin itsekkin ladata

  6. Gaëtan says:

    je n’arrive pas à me connecter comment faire??

  7. Eemeli says:

    Todella hyvä ainakin mulla

  8. sdsh says:

    it’s not working! fix the link please

  9. electajjpp says:

    Apanhar pokemons noutro sítio e fiche

  10. Bob says:

    Quiera casar a todos los pokemon.Pero nose si funsione.

  11. Jacob says:

    The download works for me and yesterday the whole app worked, but now it cant catch Pokemon Or Open Pokestops. WHYY?

  12. Anhel says:

    No enta a pokebost

  13. michal says:

    Funciona pero me está afectando el funcionamiento del juego en general

  14. Ejames says:

    Is this compatible with kitkat version?

  15. chad says:

    not working anyomre

  16. Ayush Tyagi says:

    It used to work perfectly earlier but i think niantic has found out a way to stop the function of bots because after logging in it does not do anything else

  17. Ayush Tyagi says:

    Its actually moving but does not catch pokemon or loot pokestops as every 8mins or so it gives a message of “reading last coordinate and turning around”…. And rarely shows” error occurred while looting pokestops” or “error occurred while catching pokemons”

  18. Shubhangi says:

    I want start-ups

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