FlyGPS APK – Fake GPS for Pokemon Go! [Pokemon Go Hack Android][No Root][LATEST]


If you guys are looking for the best Pokemon Go Hack for Android without root, you may want to consider the FlyGPS Fake GPS app.  Now, this app will allow you to add joystick controls and full GPS-spoofing on your Android device.

UPDATE2: This method works UP TO v0.55.0, the latest version!

UPDATE: This method WORKS on v0.33.0, v0.35.0, v0.37.0, v0.37.1, v0.39.0, and v.39.1 update!

NOTE: You will need Android 6.0 or 6.0.1 Marshmallow as this app ONLY SUPPORT Marshmallow!  Android 7.0, 7.1, and 7.1.1 Nougat is also supported but you will NOT be able to catch Pokemons (but you can collect Pokeballs and battle at gyms).

If you have a rooted Android device, you can follow the Pokemon Go Cheat/Hack for Android for rooted phones instead.

Using this app will not be a 100% ban-proof as it uses “Mock Locations” but it should still work if you don’t transport too far.  E.g. Transport from your house to nearby metropolitan city within 100 miles should be fine.

How to get Unbanned from soft bans?

Simply spin the wheel 30+ times at a PokeStop until Pokeballs start coming out OR you can also wait a few hours.  (Make sure to get out of PokeStop after every spin!)


Download FlyGPS Fake GPS App APK v.5.0.5 [Latest Version]

Download FlyGPS Fake GPS App APK v.4.0.5

Download FlyGPS Fake GPS App APK v.4.0.2

UPDATE3: Latest v4.0.5 works on v0.39.0 and v0.39.1!

UPDATE2: This Pokemon Go Hack works on latest Pokemon Go v0.37.1 and v0.37.0!

UPDATE1: This Pokemon Go Hack works on latest Pokemon Go v.0.31.0!

Demo and Installation Tutorial: (For written version, see Pokemon Go Hack Android!)

NOTE: This is the OFFICIAL version of FlyGPS app that was recently removed from the Play Store.  You can easily install it manually using this APK file and enjoy the Pokemon Go Hack fully.

What is an APK File?

APK File is a file/app that can be installed on any Android smartphone or tablet. Using an APK file, you can install Android apps manually on your Android device.

You do not need a rooted Android device to install APK files. For installation instructions, please see below.

How to Install APK Files

You will need to make sure Unknown Sources is checked ON in Settings to install APK files. We do recommend you to use a file explorer app such as ES File Explorer, available on the Play Store for free, to install these apps.

How to Uninstall APK Files

You can also easily uninstall these apps afterwards in Settings->Apps or Settings->App Manager depending on your Android device.

90 Responses

  1. Mohammadul hassan says:

    I want a Pokemon go work

  2. Mohammadul hassan says:

    Cool game i lake your game

  3. Mohammadul hassan says:

    Your game is fun

  4. Fredrik Edh says:

    How come the fly gps keep jumping from fake to real location for at fem seconds Every few min.

    • Just says:

      Every second. Jumping nonstop..

    • says:

      2016-08-18 Received email:

      Your account has been terminated. Use of any other third-party software or app, including but not limited to scripts/apps, applications used to falsify your location, emulators, modified or unofficial software, and/or accessing Pokémon GO clients or backends in an unauthorized manner is considered cheating.

      If you believe your account has been terminated in error, you may fill out this form. Please consider your account permanently terminated unless we reply back to your appeal.

      – NianticOps

  5. joel says:

    how do you use this

  6. John says:

    That doesn’t work with the new patch on Pokemon go

  7. Luca35 says:

    Non trovo i Pokémon leggendari

  8. Azure says:

    Everyone’s going to use this shit should be PERMANENTLY banned, and not just temporary. Do you really want to have fun? Play the game!! Otherwise uninstall it: cheaters and hackers are an authentic shame and ruin for the gaming community. Don’t waste your time: if you cheat, you just suck at playing things. Pathetic.

    • Jake says:

      Oi you haven’t got anything better to do then complain about the small majority of people smart enough to take a shortcut get a life you moron.

      • Azure says:

        Am not going to waste my time with a useless kid. What are my -LEGIT- opinions is not your problem, so get out of the way, little idiot (and useless cheater). Kisses

      • Azure says:

        I was forgetting…cheating or hacking doesn’t make you “smart”, but just a dumb absolutely uncapable of anything. And a damage for other people who play clear and wants to have fun in a -LEGIT- way. You still here? Well: get the lesson and use less shortcut, useless inept.

        • Cade says:

          Ok, so I’m not sure if you’ve ever tried to spoof or not, but it requires a lot of thinking and research. That being said, if someone is truly lazy, they wouldn’t go through the trouble of making a spoof work. They would just delete the game entirely.

      • Damon says:

        OMG this guy’s so sad…the only shortcut for cheaters is their way towards the ban. Cheaters are losers, just keep in mind that…and be less embarrassing: ur message is ridiculous. 🙂

      • Renato says:

        Ma coglione sarai tu, impara a farti TU una vita invece di stare a difendere i cittoni come te! Se giochi per cazzi tuoi, puoi fare quel che ti pare, ma se giochi per BARARE sugli altri, allora sei semplicemente un mongoloide. Ti pare bello vedere le palestre costantemente occupate da coglioni che, come te, giocano con dei BOT che fa tutto per loro e in mezza giornata si ritrovano a livello 30 con Pokémon assurdi?! E io e tutti gli altri che ci facciamo il CULO esplorando zone in lungo e in largo siamo più stupidi? No, semplicemente siamo ONESTI e ci divertiamo. Ricorda: chi usa le scorciatoie non cambierà mai, tanto nel virtuale come nel reale. Cresci, 12 enne rincoglionito, e vai a zappare la terra.

    • Dave says:

      Cheaters hack the game to make it more fun for themselves and to advance their account. In the end of the day, they don’t care if anyone calls them out on it b/c they’re on top and you’re not.

      Also, the only reason you would be on this website is to either get the hack yourself (and discover that you are incapable of doing so) or complain like every other salty Pokemon Go player. Anyway, no one is going to care about your comment .

      Thank you for playing though 🙂 A game isn’t complete with whiny people like you.

      • Azure says:

        I don’t like to repeat myself, and not for a dumb like you. I’m sorry if I’m laughing a lot, but tbh you’re so pathetic that I can’t do other. First of all, web is a place where everyone should feel free to explain his opinion, especially if that opinion is legit. You cheat? You’re simply a faggot loser. Nothing else. Have you got any right to ruin a game polluting it with hacks? NO. Finally, as I told to your useless friend, I visited this page due to a disgusting link, so I have nothing to justify with a dumb. In addition, kids & you love using cheats like these, so there’s absolutely no need that someone like me should use this shit: why? Just cause I’m not like you. 2 minutes are needed to download this shit and start cheating. Days and days, and skills, occur in order to play clear. If you are completely incapable of that, it’s not my fault. So, cry less and respect other opinions, dumb.

        • Debe says:

          Now you use faggot as an insult?

          • Azure says:

            Absolutely not. You should know that faggot, in a second meaning (such as multiplayer games), is used to indicate a stupid, a loser. That’s all. Am not a racist and NEVER thought to offend the gay community (just like someone did in his comments, though)?

        • Mal says:

          hey dave , don’t bother getting angry with people like Azure , quoting him ”First of all, web is a place where everyone should feel free to explain his opinion, especially if that opinion is legit” , it’s the web and you are entitled to your opinion as much as he is . So let him say what he wants , only people like this don’t understand and don’t know what is it like to make a few tweaks of your own to the game and having fun with it , in the end it’s your account , if anything does happen you’ll get banned , and i say so what ,make a new account and go catch em all . This guy Azure is not only rude but looks like he is the dumb one here . Quoting him again ”So, cry less and respect other opinions, dumb.” why can’t you respect Dave’s comment ?? why don’t you respect his view and stop calling people dumb . so yeah dave i fully support your statement !!

          p.s Azure cry less and respect other peoples opinions and views of how they want to have fun .

      • Azure says:

        I was forgetting…it’s really funny when u say “no one is going to care about your comment” and then read your comment as reply, just like the other dumb did. Uninstall the app, pls: we don’t want pathetic losers. Pity. Just pity…and laugh. ?

    • EatadickAzure says:

      Your English is autistic… I don’t think you have room to call anyone stupid or useless. You and your small brain seem to be the one’s that are useless bhahahahahha. Fucking retarded foreigners

  9. Fagpants says:

    This scams ur google play

  10. YourDAd says:

    All the cheaters should get banned.

  11. Victor says:

    How i enter a application in mock location??

  12. GetALife says:

    Lmao if you say all the cheaters should get banned you idiots should be included why would you be here talking smack if you weren’t looking for cheats n hacks u dumb fucks

  13. GetALife says:

    Yeah im talking to Azzure n Gaymon

    • Azure says:

      I shouldn’t give an answer to your useless message, but since u were so gentle and got me laugh, i’ll give u that: 1)I came here just cause a contact of mine did share this useless page on Facebook, so i wanted to check out these fucking things with my eyes. In any case, don’t play the card of accuse me about cheating cause I didn’t touch this shit during my Life and don’t need it, so, before talking with and about me, WASH your mouth with acid.
      2)I thought u were a little kid of 9-10 yo and now I can confirm it: you think to offend someone acting like a racist? Gay guys have more and more dignity than a pathetic insect like you, so, pls, cry less, and play clear instead of defending stupids just like you. Ah…in conclusion, check how many people posted comments about your little stupid cheater friend…at least legit people still exist. Have a good day, Jake with a different username…too ez understating it’s always you!:D

    • George says:

      Your free ride’s over: Niantic updated their terms of use, including PERMA BAN for everyone who will eventually violate the rules. Good bye, salty. No One loves hackers.

  14. Raj says:

    How to use that app on 4.4.3

    • Gamon says:

      Did you know Niantic started with PERMA BAN for EVERYONE who cheats/cheater? Multiple friends account were already banned, and across the web is filled of ppl who got instantly banned due to that. So, is it worth to continue with this shit?

  15. GetALife says:

    Lmao ok im a lil kid wtf u doing on here picking on a lil kids u fucking predators fucks trying to talk smack to lil kids ok….ur a grown man n so what if NIANTIC are perm banning pplz who gives a fuck its my account it aint urs idiots GETALIFE AZZFUK STOP TRYING TO PICK UP LIL KIDS ON THE NET

  16. AzzFukIsGay says:

    Lmao oh n stop changing ur name to pretend like alot of pplz is commenting on this post

  17. AzzsureeIsGay says:

    Its always two posts same day 1 hour difference lmao look who got no life

    • Azure says:

      How sad you make me…there’s nothing else to say. You’re already my Champion of fools, so this will be eventually the last comment i’ll post: the rest will be given by you, funny faggot.
      PS: i don’t need to post with multiple nicks…but OBVIOUSLY that’s what u are doing, so don’t blame on others about your shitty acts like a retard. Enjoy your ban. Kisses

  18. Jonathan says:

    Just like anything else…it’s how its used that defines the user.staying in near by locations that you’ve been to b4 when you can’t leave your home/responsibilities to go or for ppl who can’t physically go this is great idea that nitanic should buy and regulate.also ppl have been robbed and hurt while in daylight in safe public areas over this game .it’s dangerous out there and I like the safer alternative,however jumping place to place no where near where you been to ,to get 100poke stops in few minutes .also it’s not like they are hacking to get unlimited candies or stardust.still have to buy incubators ,lucky eggs, lures etc ..and still have to put in the time and save money from driving to location in a downed economy .ppl that go to locations I see pay little respect to the property that they destroy in their wake .lol don’t ban.if they get free stardust or candies and other stuff u can’t get unless u buy then that’s ban worthy

    • Gamon says:

      No unlimited items? Where do you live? Have u ever tried to google and see how many hacks for items there are? This app has been made just for a goal, so if its goal is walking around cities, parks, gardens etc…this is what must be DONE. End of the Story. IMHO the idea of justify the use of hacking and cheats with the fact there are ppl who can’t play for their problems is simply ridiculous, because at this point EVERY other form of entertainment should be put in the question for one thing or another. Just like the proper or improper use of everything, PEOPLE should take respect for others while playing. The app is just an instrument. I can’t battle properly a single gym since there are cheaters everywhere. THIS ruins gameplay. Anyway…talking to cheaters’ is how talking to a losers, so good luck for your future bans.

    • Azure says:

      a BOT’s not limited to a fake gps simulation, but it’s capable of other tasks, such as increase Pokémon CPs, increase player XP in large amounts at once, set items and their quantities, simulate Lucky Egg/Incense/Lure use, auto-hatching eggs and so on. In other words, the app is FULLY hacked, so I suggestivo you to get some infos about that before talking. The rest of the comment is foolish, so i’ll don’t give a shit about it. Next time, before acting like a false philosopher, learn to play CLEAR.

      • Mcflishy says:

        Umm I’m pretty sure before u said “this will be my last post” yet u r posting on comments, just leave everyone alone, he said that gettingoes unlimited stardust and crap like that is ban worthy so just leave them alone and u can play legitimately and leave everyone else alone.

  19. AzzsureeIsGay says:

    Lmao ok im the fool u here talking smack to pplz online
    Ok im the fool n thank u jonathan for posting something Worth reading Azzsurrre if u dont like what u see get the fuck out n get a life nobody has a gun to head telling to to hack u dumb fuck n yeah i posted up on multiple name thanks captain obvious i think everybody here knows that it was meant for pplz to know dumbass

    • Gamon says:

      Instead of using offensive nicks against users:
      1)write in a decent and correct form, since you seem to be a donkey
      2)be less hysterical and less childish

      • AzzsureeIsGay says:

        1)Gaymon what is decent n correct form? Nobody gives a shit about decent n correct form on msging anymore seem like ur the donkey
        2)im allowed to be hyterical and childish all i want the way u wanna be GAY
        3)LMFAO Get a life FAN BOY

  20. Hmmm says:

    Whats wrong with beeing gay?

  21. J.Jone says:

    Damnn good app the only down side is that it keep on jumping from real location to spoofing location other than that ??

  22. J.Jone says:

    Haters always gonna hate-_- for of those who enjoyed this hack HACK ON !!!

  23. Debe says:

    Same problem. Hope for at fix. No perm ban yet. None that i know of eighter. Think its to big of av job bading everyone, since it need to be done semi manualy. Only the missusers “traveling” the globe, i belive. The game still needs to beste fun and fair. Just cant be botherd to go outside on rainy days and Sutch. Better than driving while playing i guess.

  24. AzzsureeIsGay says:

    What a dumbass u should stop talking like u said before u r just making a fool out of yourself. NO LIFE!!!

  25. Eiso says:

    Mine says its not fully updated (Masimelrowoo) I am on a oppo 5, Please help me email me and tell me the answer! I am using 3g not internet do I have to use internet?”This version does not work correctly lowered [Masimelrowoo] to normal operation only in later versions, Is this my phone or is it the application?

  26. Joao123456710 says:







  27. Miles says:

    Not sure who/where/WHAT azure is, but sometimes its nice to keep your skewed opinions to yourself. I spoof in Pokemon Go and Im not ashamed of it. I’ve been watching/playing Pokemon for most of my life (red, yellow, gold, crystal, Ruby, emerald, Leafgreen, Diamond, Soul Silver, Platinum, Black, Black 2). You bet im not gonna miss out on Pokemon Go just because i dont live in a big city. I’d have to drive for over an hour to get to the nearest pokestop and a bit more if i want to see what a gym looks like. At the moment Spoofing helps me to play the game. And if i get banned? So, what. At least i got to play for a while since I wouldn’t be able to play it anyhow.

  28. Miles says:

    PS I cant see how one can get upset by a simple, harmless game hack yet feel totally comfortable being called gay.

  29. Ling Wei Yan says:

    easy download then easy play pokemon go

  30. Sorry says:

    why u here if ur not planning to hack/cheat ?

    if he’s cheating it’s for his own risk ur not getting banned if he gets banned

    Azure is such a busy body

  31. steffanreuser says:

    Poep is Leuk cddddafgabhsjsbzbkSnjajsnsjjajanaksjjsjajajanja

  32. Don Norberto Gapusan says:

    Im im marshmallow but everytime I open it, it says to turn of it. Please help.

  33. Rosie says:

    so many people complained about accident on the road and or ppl falling off the moutain. People died because they played Pokemon go the legit way. To be honest? I would rather cheat. Stay home and use my wifi instead of
    walking around and use my data. Cheater or not ? why does it matter? Hacker? they are damn smart.

  34. Shelhav12 says:

    I am wont pokimon

  35. Shelhav12 says:

    I want pokimons cool

  36. Manos says:

    Hey there. I did all those steps perfectly but always appeared “GPS signal not found” at the top of my screen.. can anyone help me to solve this problem?

  37. Luis Feliz says:

    Hi there. My pokemon go wont let me catch any pokemon anymore. I try using the fly gps and it was working last night and today it will let me walk around. But wont let me get anything from pokestop or cath any pokemon. Once i throw the ball it catch but then they escape and dissaper. They no longer in there. What could it be. I havent gone out of the country or anything. With fly gps. So now i dont know whats going on. What should i do? Thank you.

  38. Manos says:

    Maybe you have banned.. go to a pokestop and try to spin 40 times or maybe less..

  39. Marijn van der Valk says:

    Shit I just want a Psyduck from Santa Monica.
    Gimme that!

  40. mahmoud says:

    max you amazing person thank for every think and now i hoppe help me i have samsoung galaxy note 10.1 3g p601 and 5.1.1 ….. i need play pokemon go hack plz help me

  41. Champ says:

    @Luis Felin I’ve got the exact same issue. Anyone know how to fix this?

  42. TP2016 says:

    @Champ i have same problem.

  43. TopTenGamer says:

    Anyone know how to use the Fake GPS app rather than Fly GPS on an unrooted Android phone? Seems like a better option.

  44. Danny says:

    Fly GPS does not work for the game any longer.

  45. fatninja says:

    It doesn’t work for me. The joystick isn’t available and when i launch Pokemon go, it says “unable to detect location” and nothing appears even when I am at another location.

  46. Phonedork says:

    I mean I don’t agree with this but in the end its their account and if they get banned that’s their fault so what’s the point in arguing

  47. Tsiskaylee says:

    So after you get to where you want to be and you launch fly gps another menu comes up that says joystick-pokemon go should pop up but that option keeps disappearing on me. Anyone know what is going on? I got a s5 with tmobile. My boyfriend has an s5 with sprint and his still works, not sure why mine isnt. I have to uninstall and reinstall, when i do it is there, but after a while it disappears

  48. Jose says:


  49. Jose says:

    16th th and and and and and and

  50. vishal talkar says:

    Pls remove the software which not able to play Pokemon go with help of fly GPS since my area doesn’t have near pokestop and I m not able to roam from 1place to another Iits difficult to ply Pokemon go n I cnt play d game… D only game which I play is Pokemon go…. Pls do d needful…. Help out me n my friends near me who play diS game as a life… Love animals as well as Pokemon….. Legit friends Pls don’t be angry… We are helpless to play with help of FLY /FAKE GPS Pokemon go… From INDIA(GOA)

  51. vishal talkar says:

    Niantic Pokemon go producer also not a legit he is also a spoofer he keeps all d Pokemon to different places wer we are nt able to go like farfetched to Japan then kangaskhan, Mr. Mine, toures etc how can we caught these Pokemon in wild in India so these Pokemon go Niantic producer is also not a legit and… So whats a different between fly /fake GPS niantic….?

  52. Valerie says:

    Just update to latest android 7.0 using Samsung Note 5, but can’t play pokemon even collect balls or battle gym. It’s keep saying Failed to dedect location. Please help.

  53. mohammad Asad says:

    How to get joy stick mod in pokemon go

  54. Boriz Manzvanburg says:

    lots of anger..
    in essence, each player has his or her own way.
    no matter which way they choose, they’re all will see the result of the path of they choose..
    Have a nice day guys..
    I apologize if there are words that are less pleasing..

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