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Don’t like the chances of getting banned while using a Pokemon Go Hack?  While most Pokemon Go Cheats/Hacks use GPS spoofing (which changes the actual value of your GPS coordinates on your phone), the DarkPokemonGo Xposed Module APK uses a new way of giving you the hack by changing the actual GPS values in the game.

The good thing with this hack is that it does not use mock locations unlike other Pokemon Go hacks and you do not have to toggle your Mock Location settings everytime you play the game.

DarkPokemonGo app also provides a simple joystick and you can enter your GPS coordinates manually before playing the game.  With more cool Pokemon Go Hacks like this, Pokemon Go lovers will be able to enjoy the game even on rainy days or when you simply cannot go out.


Download DarkPokemonGo APK

P.S. If you don’t have root, you can also try this Pokemon Go Hack Android which doesn’t require root and uses FlyGPS APK.

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18 Responses

  1. Rafiqul ali says:

    Hey……mr.anonymous plz help me in installing framework for my android mobile….i have already installed exposed installer n now its need xposed framework for working hacks…….so i tried to install the zipfiles of framework but the recoveryaborted …….i hav rooted device……My device info r below:
    Model-Cloud 4g smart
    Root available

  2. Rafiqul ali says:

    Android version:5.1 lollipop

  3. Nick says:

    Does this still work? Will i have to change my i.p?

  4. Clarity says:

    The controls disappear during the niantics start screen, same gos for all the alternate apps, must be my tablet its on 4.4.2 but no one seems to have a fix

  5. fleuriste01 says:


  6. fleuriste01 says:

    J’aime bien Sète applications

  7. 01bg says:

    Bien bien bien bien bien bien Sète applications.

  8. Daniel says:

    It won’t allow me to move I press joystick but it doesn’t mobe

  9. Lydon says:

    Has anyone had any success with this? The joystick vibrates when I push it but my charter doesn’t move…

  10. Robert Taylor says:

    Can’t get it to work does nothing

  11. Juststar says:

    Hi, this tool worked fine untill the update to 0.31.0 is there comming an update?

  12. Scott real says:

    Same here doesn’t move

  13. yhang says:

    The buttons doesnt work for me.

  14. mikky says:

    doesn’t work ?

  15. حسن says:

    تحميل البرنامج

  16. Rochtoo says:

    Is work and is good

  17. Radihya says:

    My Samsung is 5.0.1

  18. Cường Thịnh says:


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