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Amazon Underground APK! [Play Amazon Prime Movies on any Android]

If you are an Amazon Prime member, did you know you can enjoy free movies and TV series?  Well, in the past Amazon has only allowed for Amazon tablets to use Amazon Prime movies or if you have Amazon app installed on your Smart TV.  There is an easy way to get Amazon Prime videos on ANY Android device and a lot of people don’t know about this because it is not on the Play Store.  No root is required and you simply have to install Amazon Underground app, upon which you will also be able to install Amazon Video app and easily be able to stream FREE Amazon Prime videos on any Android device.


Aptoid APK!

Want more apps for your Android device?  Check out Aptoid APK, a distributed App Store for your Android that has different stores inside it.

Unlike Play Store, with Aptoide each developer has their own store and it is not centrally-controlled.  Think of it as “bitcoins” for money.  Aptoid also has different editiong for tablets, smart TVs, and even dedicated Aptoide Kids store for kids along with newly-launcher VR App Store.  If you want to check out new apps that are not available on the Play Store, Aptoid APK is a great alternative to check out more apps.  Maybe you won’t use it now but in the future you may be able to find apps not on the Play Store so grab it and check out over 700K+ apps available at Aptoid APK and do let us know what you think!


Framaroot APK!

Have an older Android device like Galaxy S2, S3, or S4 running on older firmwares like Android ICS, Jelly Bean, or KitKat?

If you need root for these older devices, you may be able to do it easily by using Framaroot APK.  Simply install and try to root your phone and if it is supported, you will be able to easily root your older device.  You have actually nothing to lose by trying so give it a go if you want easy one-click-root.  To use, simply choose “Install SuperSU” and if it works successful, you will get a message saying “Success”.


Magisk APK! – [Hide Root for Pokemon Go/Android Pay]

If you want to enable Android Pay while using a rooted Android device, Magisk APK should be able to help you do that.  This is a universal systemless root interface that will allow you to enjoy both root and apps that don’t run with root.

Now, installation will require you to wipe all of your data and flash the Magisk ZIP file using TWRP or CWM recovery.  After that, you will also have to install Magisk-compatible SuperSU and Xposed (if you want Xposed).


AdAway APK – Ad Blocker for Android! [Root]

For those of you who play a lot of games and annoyed by ads on your rooted Android device, there’s an easy way to get rid of ads by using AdAway APK.

Now, you will have to have a “rooted” Android smartphone or tablet as this app does not work on stock phones.  While it is not recommended to block ads since a lot of app developers spend a lot of time to develop apps and rely solely on advertisement revenue, there may be where AdAway may be useful for certain games that have annoying ads that don’t go away.


Tongbu APK!

Looking for apps for your Android but have no Play Store?  The Chinese users have been using their own App Store called “Tongbu” APK to download and enjoy apps instead of Play Store.  If you are in a country like China and you cannot access the Play Store at all, this may be one of the ways you can use to download apps.


Titanium Backup App APK! [Best Android Backup App]

Probably the best Android backup & restore app is Titanium Backup App APK which has been around since Android first came out.  Now, this app does require a rooted Android device but once you have a rooted device, you can make flawless backups of all of your apps along with data.  This is probably the best backup app I have tried and still use it on a daily basis when switching ROMs or to a new smartphone.


Md5 File Sum Checker APK! [Verify MD5]

If you are downloading files online and the file hosting company provides you with “MD5”, you can use the Md5 File Sum Checker APK to check the MD5 of the file you download.  You can then match it with the original MD5 value on the file hosting site and if they match, you have downloaded the file correctly without error.